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Check Up

Regular examinations with a dentist will help to maintain your oral health. 

At Y Bont Faen we guarantee to carry out a comprehensive examination,

these are the things included in your assessment:

Tooth Assessment

We assess all teeth present for signs of decay, fractures and deficient old fillings. Timely treatment of these can prevent worsening and help preserve teeth. 

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Gum Examination

We carry out screening of your gum health at every examination to help detect early signs of gum disease and any need for treatment. We can also tailor oral hygiene advice to your needs.

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Tooth Wear Assessment

Teeth can be worn due to  a few reasons.

At your examination we will notice any signs of tooth wear and can discuss the causes and issue preventative advice.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer or mouth cancer can develop in any part of the mouth.

It is often painless and difficult to see yourself, with frequent exams we can spot problems early  and refer you appropriately. 

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External Examination

As well as potential oral cancers our dentists are trained to spot common skin cancers of the head and neck and also palpate lymph nodes to detect anything worrying and refer you to the relevant people.

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Jaw Problems

The jaw is one of the most used joints. This can often be overworked by habits such as grinding or clenching your teeth. 

Common problems can occur. If you have any signs of these conditions your dentist will be able to inform you.

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Development Review

At every examination of a child we will check that their teeth are developing properly and erupting as they should. Again in this way we will discover any abnormalities early and can plan any treatment required.


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Cosmetic Review

Your smile plays a large role in your appearance. 

If you have any cosmetic concerns we are always happy to discuss these with you. 

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