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Hygiene and Airpolish

(Traditionally known as a Scale and Polish)

Regular hygiene appointments have many benefits:

1. Early identification of potential problems

Our hygienist is trained to spot areas of concern and can advise you to seek an appointment with one of our dentists. This can reduce the risk of pain, discomfort and worst of all tooth loss. 

2. Removal of harmful plaque and tartar

Brushing alone does not remove all bacteria or tartar, if left behind these will accumulate more bacteria and lead to poor gum health.

3. Protection against gum disease

Gum disease is reversible in its early stages, however, left unchecked it can progress and ultimately lead to pain, bleeding, wobbly teeth, bad breath, receding gums and, ultimately,

tooth loss. Your hygienist can help safeguard your gums by removing harmful bacteria from below the gum line.

4. Elimination of stubborn stains

Certain foods, drinks, medications and smoking can cause stains on teeth. Although these will not affect the health of your dentition they can look unsightly and will spoil your smile. Once present the only way to remove these is a visit with your dentist/hygienist. At Y Bont Faen we can provide an AIRPOLISH to remove even the toughest stains.

5. "At home advice"

At every appointment with our hygienists you will be given tailored oral health advice so that you can do the best possible to care for your teeth.

6. Supporting fresh smelling breath

Bacteria below the gum line is a common cause of bad breath, these are difficult to remove at home through brushing. Our hygienist is equipt to carry out a full mouth disinfection allowing good health and fresh breath.

7. Confidence boosting

Knowing your mouth is fresh, clean and healthy is the best confidence boost you can get!

Appointments with our hygienist can be booked directly as often as wanted.

Call: 01446 771163

At Y Bont Faen Dental Surgery you can book to have an airpolish to remove your dental stains. 

This is a combination of water, compressed air and fine bicarbonate of soda particles that quickly and comfortably cleans and polishes teeth, even those areas that are difficult to access.

This method of teeth cleaning is like ‘jet washing’ your teeth.


Healthy gums are the foundations to keeping your teeth for your entire life. 

Gum disease is a condition where bacteria from within plaque causes your bone to shrink away from your teeth.

If you are unlucky enough to have developed gum disease our hygienists are trained to provide the necessary treatment and advice to try and stabilise it. 

Unfortunately once you have gum disease it will not go away but it can be maintained with good daily oral hygiene habits and regular visits to your dentist and hygienist.

Read more about gum disease and prevention >

gum disease
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