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Root Canal Treatment

Firstly, do not be worried. Our expert team is here to make you comfortable and safe through your treatment. 

The nerves of teeth may, for various reasons, die or become infected with bacteria. If left untreated this will lead to pain and possible swelling. If this occurs there are only two options. One is to have the tooth extracted, the other is a root canal treatment.

The process of root canal treatment is to remove the nerve of a tooth and disinfect the canals where the nerve sits and finally put a filling inside the tooth to prevent bacteria re-entering the tooth. This should render the tooth sterile and prevent future pain and infection. Although the process is not 100% effective, in the vast majority of cases it works well and can allow you to keep your tooth for many more years. 

Some teeth may require a crown following root canal as it weakens the structure of the tooth. Your dentist will advise if this is the case. 

Although nobody would chose to have root canal, it is not as bad as its reputation! 

It can be a long procedure but rest assured it should not be painful and is mostly well tolerated. 

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