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Our recommended products

We know it can be a minefield when trying to work out the best dental products, with so many out there. 

We have tried to do the hard work for you!


All the Oral B toothbrushes will deliver an effective clean. 

If you are on a budget the vitality is their cheapest model, this will still time for 2 minutes.


I would however recommend the Oral B Pro range as for not much more it has a pressure sensor to avoid wearing your teeth down or causing gum recession. 

If you are into technology and want to be able to track your brushing habits through an app and want to invest, then their latest model the iO has a few worthwhile modifications e.g. less vibrations, does not loose power when running out of battery. 

Interdental Cleaning

A single tufted brush can be used to clean down into pockets caused by gum disease and to clean in spaces where teeth have been lost. 

Floss is perfect for cleaning between teeth where the contacts are tight. Floss picks are an alternative to floss if you find it difficult. They are better than no interdental cleaning but not quite as effective as floss so best to practice as it doe get easier!

If there is any space between your teeth it is better to use interdental brushes, you should use the largest for each gap, your dentist and hygienist will be able to advise you.

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