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A serious issue with

serious effects.

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What is snoring?

We all know what snoring is but do you know why it occurs? Snoring is the noise caused by partial closure of the airway, and the vibrations caused due to the relaxation of the soft tissue in the upper throat. 

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)?

In extreme cases, partial closure can result in a steep drop of oxygen saturation in the blood due to lack of breathing. Individuals can even stop breathing all together.

The effects of snoring and OSA

Both conditions can impact the sufferer and their family, causing:

- daytime sleepiness

- motivational issues

- high stress levels

- lack of energy

- poor effectiveness

OSA can also contribute to more serious health issues:

- increased risk of mental health concerns

- increased blood pressure/hypertension

- increased risk of diabetes

- heightened chance of cardiovascular disease


You can prevent snoring and OSA by

reducing risk factors:

- weight loss

- stopping smoking

- reducing alcohol consumption 

- try sleeping on your side

Our dentists are trained to carry out a snoring assessment to determine your risk factors for OSA. If any issues are identified your dentist will refer you to your GP who may suggest a sleep study. 

Both conditions can be improved by the wearing of a Mandibuar Advancement Splint.

These are clinically proven devices which hold the lower jaw forward preventing the obstruction of your throat. It can have a life changing impact and is clinically proven.

These tailor made devices are more comfortable than you may first think and can be made very simply by having an impression with one of our trained dentists.

For more information visit the NHS website

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