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Statement of Purpose

Y Bont Faen Dental Surgery is committed to providing high quality dental care to patients including routine, emergency and cosmetic dental treatment.

We are committed to promoting good oral health through sound preventive advice within the surgery as well as through wall displays, leaflets and television screens. We always aim to provide the most up to date information and advice from evidence-based research and support our decision making where possible with national guidelines, making patients aware of these where required. We welcome the views of our patients and encourage them to be involved in making decisions about their treatment and care.

We ensure all of our staff have the right skills and receive the correct training to provide the best quality care to patients, and we encourage staff to further their skills where this may benefit patient care. We aim to work closely with other health professionals in the best interests of our patients, whether this be referral for specialist treatment or with the patient’s general medical practitioner.

 Finally, we aim to make patients feel they are being treated in a safe, trustworthy and comfortable environment, and to be confident that we always aim to provide the highest possible quality of care and treatment to everyone.

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